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2016 Word Award finalist for Children’s Nonfiction:

Young children can know God’s Word! As your family follows each week’s series of devotions, children will act, dance, draw, imagine, memorize, and sing their way to a better relationship with God and a knowledge of His Word.

Wise for Salvation contains five interactive devotions per week, with each week focusing on a single story. Covering 87 of the major Bible stories and lessons, Wise for Salvation can be your go-to devotional for years!

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“Wise for Salvation” resonates with my convictions that God’s Word is relevant and active in even the youngest. Christie has written devotionals that are creative and interactive to capture kids’ attention and imagination, taking kids and parents on a joy-filled journey of encountering God.  I am excited to recommend this resource to young families.
– Pastor Donna HernandezChildren’s Ministry Pastor at Sherwood Park Alliance Church

“Christie has done a particularly excellent job with this book. She has a great ear for writing for children, distilling complicated stories and important points into short and engaging summaries. Her questions are simple and thought-provoking and her activities fun and imaginative.”
– Evan Braun, author of The Watcher’s Chronicle series

Wise for Salvation has accomplished what few resources have been able to do: provide interactive devotionals for young learners that are at the same time simple, interactive and faithful to scripture.  Families (even those with not so young children) will enjoy these engaging activities designed to help them know God and his Word better, and the best part is that almost all of them can be done with items they already have on hand!  Thank you Christie for this great resource!”
Sean Anderson, Director, School of Children’s and Family Ministry at Vanguard College

“Christie Thomas is one of the most creative Children’s ministry workers I know.  She is passionately committed to kids and is convinced that children of any age can, and should, have a deeply meaningful relationship with God.   As you journey through this book, with its readings and exercises, you will get a taste of Christie’s creativity.  She will ask you to explore each Bible story in the terms a child can understand, and that will require, in some sense, that you become like a child yourself.  If you take the adventure, you will watch your little one(s) growing in their love for Jesus, and I am sure you will find yourself growing in your love for Jesus as well.
Pastor Tom Baird, Bethel Community Church

“The daily activities are well-planned and suited for multiple ages.  I found them to be quick, fun, and very engaging.  My busy 3 and 6 year old are reminded of the story and concept through the activities all week long and my 9 year old enjoys these as well.  This mom’s favorite part is that no one is bored or distracted!  The reading and activities are the right length to keep kids interested and engaged and the questions help to give depth and perspective. The studies are formatted nicely with topics listed for choosing specifically or going through in order.  We laugh and spend time together learning about our Savior. What could be better?  I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.”
Michelle, mother of five

“Simple and fun ways to apply God’s word to my preschooler’s life.  When we were doing one activity my daughter exclaimed, “This is silly!” and then the next day as we were walking together the topic came up again and we had a very meaningful conversation.  Best preschooler devotional book we’ve used!
– Heather, mother of two, preschool teacher

“Christie’s unique ability to connect with young children brings devotionals that effectively encourage a daily walk with God, creatively teach Biblical truths, carefully help children focus on the needs of others, and successfully demonstrate how God influences each part of our day.”
– Christina, mother of five

“Christie engages preschoolers with Bible stories at their level without turning them into simple platitudes. Kids will enjoy these short encounters with God’s Story.”
– Christina, mother of three boys

“Children are always being pointed back to what God is doing in the story and what God is able to do in children’s own lives.”
– Jennifer, mother of three

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