40 Days with Jesus (Family Study Guide)


This study guide is a companion resource to the 40 Days With Jesus email series (free). Each day, receive an email with the day’s reading and some ponder/discussion questions. Sign up here. 

In this full-color, printable study package, you will receive:

A) A full list of the 40 readings, which take you from the beginning to the end of the Gospel of Mark, without missing anything!

B) Background information on the gospel of Mark, major themes, and family-friendly video resources. 

C) A large-print list of readings that you can print to hang on the wall, cut apart and use to make a paper chain or attach to a calendar, or to use however you like. 

D) 40 days with Jesus (Jr.) – a large-print list of shortened readings for your early reader (or alternative family readings for families with young kids). Each reading is a much smaller amount of text, but is part of the same larger chunk for the day. It is in the same format as the regular list, so they could be printed back to back and cut into daily strips. 

E) A printable poster of 9 different ways to help your child engage with Scripture. You might even be inspired yourself to encounter the Bible in fresh new ways!

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